The Burning Court

burningcourtBlind Man’s Hood was the second story I ever read by John Dickson Carr.  Beyond an enjoyable story, what struck me was the eerie quality introduced by the supernatural element.  The notion of supernatural should normally be a deterrent for a fan of locked room mysteries and impossible crimes.  How can you truly have fair play if anything is possible?  Carr pulled it off perfectly – providing a faithful impossible crime with a clever solution, and then introducing just enough of a supernatural element to make you rethink what you just read.

I approached The Burning Court with curiosity.  Not only does it seem to make most Top 10 Carr lists, but reviews suggested that a supernatural element was at play.  But good reviews were hard to come by – I prefer blogs that tease me enough into making me want to read a book (or avoid it), rather than put me at risk of stumbling upon some detail that ruins the puzzle.  My favorite sources provided nothing on this non-series novel.

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